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2014 Exhibition Schedule

May 10th - Janet Lippincott


Composing in Black and White

Text Box: Who: Janet Lippincott (1918-2007) What: Exhibition of lyrical works in black and white. When: May 9-18, 2014. Opening Reception: Friday, May 9, 5-7 pm. Where: Karan Ruhlen Gallery, 225 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM  Visuals & Curriculum Vitae online at SANTA FE, NM. “Whether motivated by the landscape of Northern New Mexico, by a corner of her studio on Canyon Road, or by the joys or sorrows of life, Janet Lippincott's hand invariably responded to head and heart with directness and control. The sense of authority she conveys in a wide variety of media is the lasting impression one takes away from each of her exhibitions,” says Santa Fe writer, Susan McGarry. Lippincott’s compositions in black and white from the late 1950s to the ‘80s will be the focus of an exhibition opening May 9th at Karan Ruhlen Gallery.

This exhibition surveys the best examples of the remarkable variety of materials that LIppincott explored, including India ink drawings, watercolors, as well as lithographs, etchings, linocuts and collage. In the 1950s her compositions are held together with black lines made with force and clarity. Her watercolors from that period use similar lines, but often they are more lyrical and tinted with thin washes. Master printer Elmer Schooley introduced Lippincott to the lithography process at New Mexico Highlands College in the mid ‘50s. They were contemporaries and friends for fifty years. In the early sixties Robert Ewing, one of the first directors at the Museum of Fine Arts, and a group of artists established a figure-drawing group that thrived for more than twenty-five years with such renowned artists as Alan Houser and Ford Ruthling. Janet was among the first to print at the Tamarind Institute in 1970.  Founded in 1960 in Los Angeles and relocating to Albuquerque, Tamarind is recognized internationally for its contemporary printmaking. Throughout her career Janet experimented using many of the drawings and works on paper as studies for her major paintings.

Lippincott was widely traveled by the time she came to New Mexico in the late 1940s.  As a young girl she lived in Paris, and as a teenager she trained in private schools and drawing classes at the Art Students League in New York at the age of fifteen. During World War II she served in the Women’s Army Corps attached to Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, suffering injuries during London blitzkriegs that haunted her throughout her life. On the GI Bill, she was lured to New Mexico by the transcendental movement and school of Emil Bisttram in Taos in the late 1940s, followed by studies at the San Francisco Institute of Art and the Colorado Springs Fine Art Center. In 1950 she returned to Santa Fe and ultimately built a home and studio on Canyon Road.      

She began simplifying her work, moving toward Abstract Expressionism. Identified in the press as a modern “iconoclast, pioneer and trailblazer,” Lippincott moved from early representational works and a lifelong love of minimalist drawings of the human figure to abstract expressionist paintings.  Lippincott was a driving force in New Mexico’s contemporary art scene.

May 10 through 13 - Passport to the Arts weekend


May 23rd - Martha Rea Baker, Bret Price, Kevin Tolman

In the Abstract

Martha Rea Baker, Kevin Tolman, Bret Price
May 23 through June 7, 2014

Text Box: Who: Martha Rea Baker, Kevin Tolman paintings and Bret Price sculpture What: Exhibition of paintings and sculpture When: May 23 through June 7, 2014 Opening Reception: Friday, May 23   5-7 pm. Where: Karan Ruhlen Gallery, 225 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM 87501.  Visuals & Curriculum Vitae online at SANTA FE, NM.   Abstract art uses a visual language of form, color and line to create a composition which exists with a degree of independence. Abstraction indicates a departure from reality in depiction of imagery in art.

Karan Ruhlen Gallery features the work of three well-established artists to kick off the 2014 art season. The exhibition features New Mexico abstract painters, Martha Rea Baker and Kevin Tolman and California sculptor Bret Price. The group of artists is diverse in their approach to abstraction.

Santa Fean, Martha Rea Baker’s paintings deal with the concept of "time", the passage of time and its effects on our natural world. Whether depicting chronological time, marking the sequential passage of hours, days, seasons or an ancient age glimpsed through excavation, the painting process of adding, subtracting and thoughtful editing is a metaphor for life's timeline.

Albuquerque artist Kevin Tolman continues to produce inspiring, epic and intimate works. Some appear to be amplified organic forms, while others are cadenced arrangements of linear and geometric shapes.. He builds rich mixed-media abstractions with gestural layers of vibrant acrylic that he applies scratching, scraping and drawing along the way. Tolman’s abstract imagery creates a tension between the illusion of spatial depth and surface paint that is utterly compelling

California artist Bret Price builds heating chambers around large pieces of steel, applying intense heat to manipulate metal to create a sense of softness in his sculpture. The variables of intense heat, size and shape of the raw material produce a wide range of results with a degree of unpredictability. The show will feature his recent series composed of bands of stainless steel joined together in unexpected ways. The shaped rings and bands are welded together to form elegant abstractions in brilliant colors.
 “The gallery will be truly transformed with the energy of these three well established artists,” says Ruhlen.


June 20th - 20th Anniversary Celebration!

July 25th - Ellen Koment and Mary Long











August 8th - Jinni Thomas and Pauline Ziegen











September 26th - Daniel Phill












September 24 through 28 Wine and Chile week

October 17th - Martha Mans, Kurt Meer, Stephen Pentak












October 18th - Canyon Road Paint Out

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