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2015 Exhibition Schedule

Rhythm and Hues
Group Exhibition

 Text Box: Who: Gallery Artists What: Exhibition of painting and sculpture When: May 22nd 2015 Opening Reception: Friday, 22 May,  5-7 pm. Where: Karan Ruhlen Gallery,  225 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM 87501 Curriculum Vitae online SANTA FE, NM. Karan Ruhlen Gallery presents a group exhibition Rhythm and Hues in conjunction with Santa Fe 2015 “Summer of Color”.

Upon entering Karan Ruhlen Gallery visitors are instantly enveloped in color with a harmonic rhythm of hues and tones that visually guide you through the sunlit space.

The artists of Karan Ruhlen Gallery are known for their color sensibility and its relationship to nature. Each is diverse in their approach and interpretation of color. The artists have their own unique signature and surface quality.

One is immediately engaged by the vibrant blues and golds that transform Pauline Ziegen’s classic landscapes into a contemporary treasure before moving on to the floral-like imagery on canvases of Daniel Phill that combine every color under the sun.

Nature’s palette is well represented with the Southwest landscape oil canvases of Martha Mans and the smaller, delightful watercolors by both Mans and Elaine Holien. Also creating from nature’s more muted palette are the artists Kurt Meer and Stephen Pentak with their atmospheric paintings that focus on sky and water.

Visitors are drawn to Jinni Thomas’ lush palette and rhythmic imagery with surfaces that are expressive of her interpretation of beauty. Equally engaging are Mary Long’s encaustic paintings that combine wax and pigment to create her unique geometric abstractions and colorful tactile surfaces.

Kevin Tolman’s paintings on canvas and paper are always a crowd-pleaser with his rich colors and playful imagery. Likewise, the viewer’s imagination is consistently stimulated by the mixed-media abstracts of Martha Rea Baker created by the painting process of adding, subtraction and editing.

The major element of movement in Sally Hepler’s bronze sculpture and Bret Price’s colorful ribbons of steel bands makes these works the perfect three-dimensional compliment to the installed paintings and provides a rich and harmonious balance to the intimate setting of Karan Ruhlen Gallery.

June 5 Recent Works: Bret Price • Kevin Tolman

August 21 The Nature of Color: Group Exhibition

Sept. 11 Conversations on Abstraction
Martha Rea Baker • Mary Long • Daniel Phill

Oct. 16 The Landscape: Classical to Modern
Martha Mans • Kurt Meer • Stephen Pentak
Pauline Ziegen


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Fine art in Santa Fe New Mexico featuring original abstract and contemporary art,
paintings and sculpture by regional and national artists.
Exclusive representation of the Estate of Janet Lippincott.

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